Here's another live album to help out in these concert-less times. This one's from metallic hardcore legends Integrity, whose guitarist Justin “Sexman” Ethem writes:

OH HELL YEAH!! Northwest Terror Fest sure was one HELLUVA BADASS time for this old seasoned tour-dog (as well as for my boys in INTEGRITY).

I sure hope that you enjoy my gift of this live concert recording! I too enjoyed dealing out a healthy serving of my special-blend of ROCK as well as ROLL for all of you hungry fans!! AMIRITE!!!

I gotta tell ya, It sure ain’t easy for a seasoned road dog like myself to be confined as well as quarantined.

I too certainly miss them backstage adventures as well as snacking upon my special blend of signature branded, Touritos™ !! “Now no longer reserved for the backstage!"

Mayan, this damn beer virus sure has put the whoop-ass on my summer tour plans!

All of my legions of loyal fans know that I ONLY partake in top-shelf, hand pressed, artisinally-crafted ale!

I would NEVER touch a case of that there Corona!

Hell, me and ole Bobby Junior have been frantically washing our hands with limes everyday to beat this damn beer virus! Lets kick this COVID19s ASS!!

Big shout out to a couple of my special lady friends, Kay & Jess -as well as everyone at NWTF, the Relapse bossman himself: Ronny and all of my 420-bros back at Relapse Records!

Hell, in this time of the great rock crisis, I too shall even extend some humbled greetings out to my lesser colleagues in INTEGRITY!

Most of all, this ole seasoned-rocker wants to assure to all of my countless fans as well as groupies out there to hang tight, be safe, stay home and listen to my many tasty riffs!

Right now I too am locked up tight in the old Asthma Castle woodshed, all alone with only my trusty artisanal axe to keep me warm at night (and a half dozen groupies)- I am just finished hand-crafting up some more new heavy jams for that there next INTEGRITY album!

Do not fret my dear fans! There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel sure is a comin!

That’s right! soon I too shall be back to doing what only I do best!

Just like my main man Kirk Hatfield always says to me in dark times, “Turn the page! and get yourself back on the long and lonely ROAD where you BELONG, Sexminn! Your fans desperately need you!”

I too can not wait to party-harty and rock out with each and everyone of you backstage!


Dig in:



Intro/Vocal Test - Live
Hollow - Live
Psychological Warfare - Live
Hymn For The Children of the Black Flame - Live
Taste My Sin - Live
Scorched Earth - Live
Abraxas Annihilation - Live
Sons of Satan (Vermapyre Cover) - Live
Rise - Live
Diseased Prey Within Casing - Live
Judgement Day - Live
Document One (G.I.S.M. Cover) - Live
I Am The Spell - Live
Darkness - Live
Die With Your Boots On - Live
Armenian Persecution - Live
Systems Overload - Live
Micha/Those Who Fear Tomorrow - Live
Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny - Live
Harder They Fall - Live


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