Photos by JOE M500

Insect Warfare have reunited for a two-week UK/Ireland tour that begins today. (See dates here.) Evidently the venues are tiny rooms that cannot possibly fit the hundreds of people — some traveling from the Continent — planning to attend. I wish I were one of them.

Armored Virus
Enslaved by Machinery

To add insult to injury, I stumbled across the above photos from Kuma’s. The Chicago burger joint is renowned for its metal-oriented ambience and menu. (I personally recommend “The Darkthrone.”) Each month features a special deluxe burger. According to the photographer, the “Insect Warfare” shown above was a

1/2 lb. all-beef burger with panko-crusted medallion of goat cheese, caramelized onions, roasted corn and green chili, topped with a roasted corn, cilantro, and green chili salsa on a huge pretzel roll

They should have called it the “Arterial Warfare.”

– – –

This Sunday Kuma’s hosts a listening party for The Atlas Moth’s A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky, out October 6 on Candlelight. (The band will then tour with cool bands like Dark Castle and Wetnurse. See dates here.) The occasion will feature the debut of The Atlas Moth Burger. Just reading its ingredients will shorten your life.

10 oz. slab of beef on waffles, topped with collard greens, fried chicken, chicken fried bacon, and a bacon-infused maple syrup

Don’t tell your health insurance provider — if you have one — that you eat at Kuma’s. That’s practically a “pre-existing condition.”