Sometimes, what I need from music is magnitude and direction: a sound that's vast enough to fill up the cracks in my mind and arrest all the troublesome motion within, while at the same time propelling my weary brain on a trajectory that needs no course correction. French post-metal/hardcore sextet Ingrina supplies just the right vector -- packing two drummers and an overwhelming wall of reverb-drenched riffing, their upcoming album Siste Lys tackles a lofty concept of change and survival with the sheer scale of instrumentation needed to express it.

We're premiering "Now" as a brief glimpse inside the album's ecosystem. No quiet reflection or gentle progressions here -- only immediate, overwhelming frenzy.



"Now" almost feels like listening to two songs at once, in the sense that there's certainly enough going on musically to account for a few less-complicated numbers. The overlapping streams of rhythm and motif interweave without clashing, though, and resolve into a colossal super-crescendo before fading away. The song's brief runtime packs in a staggering amount of musical development -- the lead melodies that narrate the song flourish and grow into the final conclusion as if evolutionarily disposed to do so.

In the context of Siste Lys, "Now" is an intense bridge that leads up to the final track of the album and the resolution of the concept. Even listened to individually, the sense of panic and action that accompanies this fleeting handover is palpable -- there's a feeling that something needs to happen, something needs to change, but that time is running out. As the song concludes with a lingering rumble, that sentiment is what remains for me, and it's strangely motivating.


Siste Lys releases November 27th via Medication Time Records and A Tant Rêver Du Roi.

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