I'm so excited about Infernal Stronghold, you don't even know. Maybe you'll know a little after you read this, but you won't know completely. You won't know how stuck they've remained on my iPod when it's otherwise a sieve for bands. You won't know how great it is for drowning out my roommate's voice. I put it on, and wood and shrapnel fill my ears. My mind never fails to reel. Each time I think, this is sooo good. How can a bunch of kids — supposedly none are older than 21 — be so good? They sound like the unholy offspring of Repulsion and Mayhem. "I swallow your faith and regurgitate distortion." That needs to be huge letters on the back of a t-shirt. This — 26 minutes of face-melting, feed-backing, fick-stucking filth — needs to be huge, period. Infernal Stronghold want to kill you, your god, and your godforsaken world. Now show them some love.

- Cosmo Lee

You can stream this record in full here.

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