The Hollow Men


Given the volume of music that I review, I sometimes attach post-it notes to albums with short descriptions for reference. I’ve labeled this one “generic metalcore,” which must have been evidence of initial distaste. However, on further listening, I’ll disagree. Sure, In Twilight’s Embrace has the “Swedish riffs by a non-Swedish band” that immediately send me into allergic fits. But, really, they’re not too prevalent, and once I get past them, I hear decent breakdowns, blastbeats and bits of good metal, and interesting chord voicings.

Sealing the deal for me is a nice, midpaced instrumental, which I really wish bands of this type would do more. Take away the “raspy young guy” screams, which are truly generic, and the band shows its true capabilities! The performances are ripping, the production isn’t overproduced, and Lifeline turns in another to-die-for packaging job. Interpunk says this is for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth, but this Polish band is so much better.