For all its fans' ideological ramblings about "power" and "might," black metal for the most part lacks any real sort of "oomph" (aside from some very specific classics). Like, do you really expect an album which was recorded mono into a metal trash can to have any sort of muscular presence? Certainly not, but Iffernet's new album Silences approaches the arena of "strength," especially on new single "Life is a Wound" (which is streaming below).

Featuring thick but clear production and equally as resolute songwriting, Iffernet's black metal relies heavily on slow, mighty rhythms to really drive the idea of "strength" through self-hatred and life-loathing in their miserable, expressive music. Featuring an especially desperate vocal presence, this band's muscle-straining, throat-rending sound feels almost as strong as black metal's loud mouthed ideological self, which is a refreshing departure from the silly and unlistenable buzzing which normally accompanies it. Listen to "Life is a Wound" below.



Silences will be released by a handful of labels, listed below with their respective formats:

La Harelle (CD/LP)
Vendetta Records (CD/LP)
Rope or Guillotine (LP)
Bad Moon Rising (Asian tape edition)

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