Ides Of Gemini will release a followup to 2014's Old World New Wave (which came out on Neurosis' Neurot Recordings) this year. They've since signed to Rise Above Records, and their new album Women will come out on April 28 via that label (pre-order digital or physical).

It's their first album as a four-piece, with vocalist Sera Timms and guitarist Jason Bennett now joined by drummer Scott Batiste (of Saviours) and bassist Adam Murray. (Sera used to also play bass but now just sings, and drummer Kelly Johnston-Gibson had to leave the band after an injury.) The record was produced by heavy-music mastermind Sanford Parker, and it features appearances by Tara Connelly of industrial duo Clay Rendering (on "Queen of New Orleans") and the great dark singer/songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle (on "She Has A Secret").

We're premiering the new single "Heroine's Descent," which is a doomy, gothy dose of psychedelic rock. For fans of any and all things dark, check this out below.

Ides of Gemini Women

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