Looking at this new split release from Garry Brents' Homeskin and Marie "Manic Dream Girl" McAuliffe's (Putrescine, Mesa) Hypomanic Daydream, we are presented with two unique and distinctly experimental takes on opposite ends of the extreme metal spectrum. On these two artists' new split Hypomanic Skin, Brents and McAuliffe's deconstruction of their home genres–black and death metal, respectively–demonstrates two distinct sets of creativity heretofore mashed together on what is a surprising and unique split.

Opening this release is Hypomanic Daydream, whose singular take on death metal, one which uses electronic elements like vocaloid and possesses a poppy keyboard presence, is heavy both traditionally and in its own right. Echoing Japan's classic avant-metal scene, Hypomanic Daydream's carefully composed music comes off as reckless, but is actually brilliantly composed. Chugging through strange chord voicings and extended melodic phrases, Hypomanic Daydream's birth is an active statement against death metal's stagnation.

Homeskin has been featured here at Invisible Oranges a few times now, and while this particular split still hangs onto the emoviolence and grindcore which defined the project's recent "early days," multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Garry Brents' more progressive and over black metal-isms take center stage here, resulting in longer and more sprawling songs. A more atmospheric counterpart to Hypomanic Daydream's progressive and avant- presence, Homeskin's nowhere near as disorienting approach this time around is a pleasant grounding.

Listen to Hypomanic Skin in full below.



The Hypomanic Skin split releases December 16th via Xenoglossy Productions.

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