Truly, the (gore)grind never stops: it's been less than a month since Ripped to Shreds put out an album, and yet bandleader/mad genius Andrew Lee is back with his anime goregrind project Houkago Grind Time and another truckload of riffs. Although Houkago Grind Time is an obviously tongue-in-cheek project in some ways (see: song titles, album art, aesthetic, etc., etc.) it is absolutely no joke when it comes to the music. The fact is, Houkago Grind Time is not only legitimate goregrind, it's masterful. Reveling in the pure chaos of frenetic blast beats, split-second changeups, and vicious riffs built for neck-snapping mosh action, the band's new album Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid follows up a slew of splits with an emphatic new chapter of maniacal grind. Produced by Lee and mastered by Colin Marston, the album is razor-sharp where it counts and blissfully murky around the edges, a riff-and-drum focused machine that sends listeners careening like pinballs through the many angles and bounces lying in wait.

For anyone who also dabbles in anime, Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid has a second layer of appeal–as if riffs weren't good enough, right? I won't pretend to understand why there's a cabbage on the album art, but between songs like "Stench of Unwashed Con-goers" that call out the shittier sides of the fandom and the absurdity of "People Die When They Are Killed," it only takes cursory knowledge to appreciate some of the thought that went into decorating these minute-long bouts of grind madness.

We're streaming "People Die When They Are Killed" below -- read Andrew Lee's thoughts on the song and indulge in a minute-plus of goregrinding ignorance.



In the immortal words of Nasu Kinoko, people die when they are killed. Life is precious and please observe good hygiene and public health practices for the safety and wellbeing of all. This song features the assblasting low gurgles of Larry Wang, a fellow Taiwanese most known for his bands Gorepot, Coprocephalic, and Fat Tub of Lard Records, guaranteed to make you shit your pants.


Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid releases November 4th via Outrageous Weeb Power Productions. Editor's Note: It is definitely worth your time to read the album bio.

Pre-order cassette via Acid Reflux Productions -- CDs coming soon via Obliteration Records and vinyl through To Live A Lie / Grindfather Productions / Outrageous Weeb Power Productions.

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