Records like this are why I write about music. Horseback's The Invisible Mountain (Utech, 2009) brings to mind psych rock, black metal, and Ennio Morricone by way of Neil Young. It's dark, beautiful, and patient. If I could meet a mate like this, I'd be set for life. But I'll gladly make do in the meantime with music. Bass lines billow from old chimneys, guitars light distant furnaces, and vocals rasp halfway between black metal and Tom Waits. So many albums, especially in metal, smell like beer or weed. This one smells like cigarettes. It does much with little — a two-note riff here, a three-note reply there. Everything fits together sensibly. The music takes you in, holds you there, then gently releases you with the aptly-named "Hatecloud Dissolving." That song has been my muscle relaxant for the past few months. It's strange to think of becoming dependent on a record, but that's where I am. Records like this make the world a better place. Seek it and love it and share it like I'm doing now.

- Cosmo Lee