Philly old-school-style death metal revivalists Horrendous are following 2015's great Anareta with new album Idol on September 28 via Season of Mist (their first for the label, following releases on Dark Descent). The first single is "Soothsayer," and though Horrendous are known for specifically channelling OSDM, they took influence from a few other places for this one. They say:

Before starting the writing process for Soothsayer, we had been listening to a lot of King Crimson and I remember wanting to try writing something in the grandiose and rhythmic, multilayered style of their mid to late 70s output. I wanted to capture that same sprawling, menacing atmosphere they so frequently achieve.

You can hear the new song and check out the tracklist below. That's the awesome-looking artwork (designed by Brian Smith), which the band says is "a physical representation/manifestation of many of the themes found in the lyrics of the record," above.

1. ...Prescience
2. Soothsayer
3. The Idolater
4. Golgothan Tongues
5. Divine Anhedonia
6. Devotion (Blood for Ink)
7. Threnody...
8. Obulus

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