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Hailing from San Antonio, Hod are a dependable force for traditional black metal in America. Their 2009 debut Serpent was a strong and riffy affair in the vein of bands like Black Anvil, Goatwhore, and Mhorgl, with discordant guitars whirling around a driving rhythm and topped off with a thick snarling vocal. As a live force, their brand of OSBM is exactly what fans of the genre want, both consistently crushing and occasionally strung-out, allowing for moments of windmilling and beer-hoisting respectively.

The band’s new album was set to be released from Ibex Moon until the label went under. In the meantime, Hod has put out the Uncreated demo, an EP featuring three tracks from the newest release, all of which shred in the band’s tried-and-true fashion. “Beneath The Mountains of the Scorpion” is atonal and brutal from the get-go, while “I Am Destroyer” is a quick lash of furious blackened thrash will have fans charging the stage. “When The Ghouls Feed" provides interchanging moments of classic dark speed with Frost-ed bouts of throbbing, riffy venom. The demo is a quick listen, but one you can pop on over and over and find yourself enjoying more each time.

Hopefully, the rest of the upcoming album is as good as the Uncreated demo. The three-song cassette will be available at shows only, so make a point to come out for Hod and grab one of the limited copies available. In the meantime, listen to “Beneath The Mountains of the Scorpion” at the stream below.

— Scab Casserole

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