Aptly named, High on Fire’s live albums, Spitting Fire volumes 1 and 2, will be available June 18. Spanning the entire career of this legendary band, the two volumes have live tracks from each album, from the 2000 debut album, The Art of Self Defense to 2012’s De Vermis Mysteriis.

Spitting Fire was recorded live when Matt Pike, Jeff Matz, and Des Kensel performed at two New York City venues; The Music Hall Of Williamsburg and The Bowery Ballroom. The live tracks were later mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California, with additional engineering by Kurt Ballou.

— Vanessa Salvia

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Track Listings:
Volume 1:

1. Serums Of Liao
2. Frost Hammer
3. 10,000 Years
4. Devilution
5. Last
6. Fertile Green
7. Speedwolf

Volume 2:

1. Rumors Of War
2. DII
3. Fury Whip
4. Madness Of An Architect
5. Face Of Oblivion
6. Hung Drawn and Quartered
7. Blood From Zion
8. Snakes For The Divine

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