Violence and horror are not unusual subject matter for death metal and grindcore, but rarely does it seem so personal and deranged as on Heretic Plague's upcoming album Context is a Stumbling Corpse. The UK band cultivates an air of creeping madness on their debut album, toying with surreal subject matter. It raises the hairs on the back of my neck, but it's an enjoyable kind of discomfort. Every track is a delightful exercise in weirdness: from the intriguing song titles ("Briefcase full of Broken Cutlery," "Grandpa's Hammer", to name a couple) to the gruesome riffy death-grind inside that often comes with equally odd samples. The album bounces from one demented riff to another, constantly changing up drumming patterns as it goes to reinforce this air of urgent, unpredictable insanity.

We're premiering "Pentacle of Broken Teeth" below, which is a hell of a song title and matched by one of the riffier, more 'straightforwardly' aggressive songs on the record. The combination of high-pitched screeches and guttural gurgles lends some demonic energy to the song's twisting riffs. Listen below:



Guitarist/bassist Adam Watts comments:

“This is probably my favorite song on the album, it appeals to my absolute lack of attention span. We threw everything at this track and it’s probably the most complex song I’ve been involved in writing. The title fits nicely, with the idea of creating anything from teeth being immediately pretty grotesque. I had this idea about somebody harvesting teeth and summoning some ancient beast with them.”

Context is a Stumbling Corpse releases April 7th via Selfmadegod.

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