Speaking of Anaal Nathrakh, Mick Kenney and Dave Hunt are also in filth grind outfit Mistress. Kenney and Mistress bassist Dirty Von Donovan are in rocka rolla band Exploder. Napalm Death’s Shane Embury played on the last Anaal Nathrakh album. Embury and Kenney run Feto Records, who put out Exploder’s debut. Kenney does artwork for all these bands. The idea of a cabal maximizing output and profits under myriad guises is a brilliant one.

Exploder has released a special holiday single, “Hells Bells It’s Christmas.” It’s catchier than the clap, and would be a radio hit if the world had any justice. Really, it warms me cockles.

Exploder – Hells Bells It’s Christmas


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