Chile has been a fertile pool for the primitive and ancient since the inception of thrash, black, and death metal. From this rich scene came the first Hellish recordings more than ten years ago; across a series of demos, albums, and releases with other bands (as with many Chilean bands, Hellish is mostly composed of busy musicians wearing a lot of hats!) they have refined their craft. Their third album shows the strong results of experience and maturity without losing any of the youthful fire that would be hoped for from any thrash band.

Though the core of their music from the killer live session the band put together for new song “Goddess Death” is extremely ripping thrash the old way–powerful and brutal enough to satisfy any Destruction fan, with unhinged vocals to match–it is not all that Hellish bring to the table with them. Catchy tremolo picked melodies, a couple of mood changes, and even some keys bring to life a song that’s varied, mature, and tight, with a whole lot of bass to round everything out. This is what being old school thrash should be about: having an identity without throwing away the devastation.

Hellish comments:

This song is full of raging speed, also influenced by Teutonic speed metal acts.
One more sign that the hellish atrocity will not stop.
Our third studio album arrives with all our metal power, with a more polished and professional sound, a leap that we as a band are proud to have taken.

Stream "Goddess Death" below.



The Dance of the Four Elemental Serpents releases December 16th via Dying Victims Productions.

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