Transnational three-piece healthyliving are due to release a beautiful and harrowing full-length next month. Consisting of experimentalists from Ashenspire, Maud the Moth, Falloch and others, the trio fuse textures from doom, noise, and post-rock to transfix the listener — as the band puts it, their sound is about "digesting our humanity." Guided by rich rhythms, warm guitar and Amaya López-Carromero's beautiful, shapeshifting vocals, Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief is a full-spectrum musical experience.

Ana López Gómez's video for "Dream Hive," premiering below, takes this idea literally. Splashes of bright color overlay jerky film footage that swims uneasily between fanciful moments from movies including the 1915 Alice in Wonderland and expressions of pain and bewilderment. Inviting the viewer into a wonderland as beautiful as it is suffocating, the video captures the song's manic, yearning energy. López-Carromero assembled the lyrics for the record from free association from the emotions each song evoked. In the case of "Dream Hive," the emotions at hand are the corrosive effect of pretending everything's okay when it's clearly not. Says López-Carromero:

'Dream Hive' is one of the last songs we wrote for the album and one of the most colourful and energetic. We worked with our close friend Ana López Gómez who captured the energy of the song perfectly with a wild and wonderful video!

The song in itself is about toxic positivity inundating our lives and how it hinders personal growth and perpetuates power imbalances. It attempts to capture a false perception of euphoria.

Enter healthyliving's "Dream Hive" below:



Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief will be available April 7th on Bandcamp. They will also be performing live at Roadburn.

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