Behold Paul Romano’s complete artwork for Hate Eternal’s I, Monarch (Earache, 2005). It would make one hell of a tattoo. (Click the image to enlarge it.) Earache has reissued the record (which I reviewed here) together with The Perilous Fight DVD (which I reviewed here) in a low-priced package (cheaper than what Earache is charging for the DVD alone). Looking back, I’m slightly embarrassed by my purple prose. I stand by it, though. I, Monarch is one of my five favorite metal records of the past five years. It resonates deeply with me both musically and lyrically. Erik Rutan is the closest thing I have to a role model in metal. His playing, production, and work ethic convey towering vision and the single-minded drive to achieve it.

I, Monarch
Two Demons

– Cosmo Lee

Earache (US)
Earache (Europe)