Today’s bands are brought to you by the letter H. The first one is Harvey Milk. I reviewed their new S/T for Decibel #66 (April ’10 issue). Whenever I put it on headphones, it’s like bombs bursting in air with trails of white phosphorus squiggling down. It’s the first record this year to make me go, “Fuuuuuuck.”

If you don’t know its story, it’s Harvey Milk’s long-lost debut, found on cassette, and remastered into a deadly weapon. (See this article on today’s amazingly accurate munitions, including the CBU-105 bomb, a hydra headed beast that must have originated from someone’s nightmare.) You can stream and compare the unmastered original (“Bob Weston Sessions”) and the remastered release (“s/t”) here.

Harvey Milk are playing dates with Coalesce and The Atlas Moth from March 5 to March 13. Then they hook up with the Converge/Gaza/Lewd Acts/Black Breath tour from May 27 to May 29. See dates here and here.

— Cosmo Lee