Corrupted, Ludicra. Asunder
Slim's, SF, 10.31.08

Lots of good metal going on this All Hallow's Eve.

Japanese doom legends Corrupted kick off a short US West tour (dates) with Bay Area doomsters Asunder tonight at Slim's in San Francisco. Corrupted haven't been to the US in 11 years, so this is a big deal. Making it bigger is the addition of Ludicra - my favorite metal band - doing their annual Halloween hometown gig. This show will be crazy. 11/3 in Olympia, WA: Corrupted/Asunder/Samothrace. 11/4 in Portland, OR: Corrupted/Asunder/Trees. (We wrote about Samothrace here and Trees here.) These towns will become craters.

Ludicra - In Fever

Ottawa grinders Fuck the Facts play a hometown gig at Babylon alongside Buried Inside, who have been quiet for too long. FtF's Disgorge Mexico is in my top 10 this year. I recently saw them live, and they killed. Buried Inside just finished a recording session at Godcity Studio with Kurt Ballou. The end of silence, indeed.

Fuck the Facts - Absence and Despite

Veggie death grinders Cattle Decapitation are filming a video at their Che Cafe show tonight in San Diego. They ask fans to come dressed as zombies. You can see the cattle call here.

Nadja, Black Sun, Steve Moore, Menace Ruine
Fontana's, NYC, 10.31.08

Canadians Menace Ruine and Nadja (whom I wrote about here and here) will bring black metal and drones, respectively, to New York City tonight at Fontana's, 105 Eldridge, between Broome and Grand. Unfortunately, they will not bring better health care or cheaper prescription drugs. (Well, maybe the latter, but I neglected to put in my order.) Joining the bill are Scottish doomsters Black Sun, Steve Moore of Zombi doing a solo set, and the one and only James Plotkin as DJ for the night. I am so there.

Menace Ruine - Kill the Egregore

Black metal aftershocks in Brooklyn 11/1: the mighty Negative Plane (whom I wrote about here) make a rare live appearance alongside the likewise redoubtable Villains (whose second full-length, Lifecode of Decadence, is "in the can" - but when will it come out???) at Rock Star Bar, 351 Kent Ave. @ S. 5th in Williamsburg. Hipsters will die.

Villains - Before the Spike

Chicago gets heavy tonight with a reunited Grief at the Hideout, 1345 W. Wabansia. Joining them are the punishing Indian, noted experimental musician Kevin Drumm as DJ, Rabid Rabbit, and Bloodiest. (Thanks to baconandblastbeats for the tip.)

Grief - One of Those Days (live)

Finnish black metallers Horna kick off a US tour (dates) with Blood Stained Dusk in Los Angeles tonight at the Black Castle, 855 W. Manchester Ave. Joining them will be Nokturne, Spiculum Iratus, and Baal Zabub. (Thanks to etan for the tip.)

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