The "gods" go head to head (but also arm in arm) on a new, challenging split which pits black metal, pop, deathrock, and more into a cohesive whole. Grinning God's gloom rock and the controversial Spider God's "melodic blackcore" find a home together on their eponymous split album, with identities bleeding into each other as each artist guests on the other's musical half.

Opening the split is Germany's Grinning God. A side project of Rope Sect's enigmatic frontman Inmesher, this project's quiet announcement last year with the independently released Sardónios demo was met with intrigue and a growing interest. Fans of Rope Sect will find a familiar gothic-and-deathrock center and, of course, Inmesher's buttery smooth voice, but also a greater black metal influence, drawing from a darker melodic sense and even featuring harsh vocals.

Finishing off this release is England's Spider God. Making waves with an interesting interview we did together just a few months ago, Spider God's G. made it clear that pop music is the new violence, and his half of this split features some excitingly visceral melody worship. Spider God is atypical black metal and even though he might use blast beats and harsh vocals, the general pop idea makes itself immensely clear. Black metal has always been catchy, but Spider God is a new branch on the genre's life tree.



The Grinning God/Spider God split is available on cassette today through Phantom Lure with an LP to be released in the next few months.

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