Sludge is a hard genre for me to pin down -- like any single-word metal subgenre, it's been taken in enough directions that, without context, it could mean damn near anything. But for Doom Sessions Vol. 3, the upcoming split between U.S. sludgers -16- and their Italian Heavy Psych Sounds labelmates Grime, the term should be interpreted in its most excruciating context. The riffs here are corrosive and nasty: a staple element of the genre on lurid display.

Grime's side-starting track "Piece of Meat" puts you in the thick of things: -16-'s portion of the split just wrapped up, and it's Grime's turn to lead the charge. Their vicious onrush only compounds the hardcore-infused misery of the first half, nudging closer to the reckless battery of death/doom and surpassing their previous releases' vitriol. Check out the track now and consider the true meaning of human existence:



In fact, the song comes close enough to that "death metal" feel that I contemplated why, no matter the instrumental makeup, "Piece of Meat" still feels sludgy. It comes down to emotion: GRIME are bitterly -- and forcefully -- proclaiming that humanity is an elaborate mistake, and reveling in the plain acceptance of that truth. The double-bass backbone and sawtoothed riffage that emphatically underline this point do so in service to the core of the band's sound: relentless misanthropy and an utter rejection of pleasantries. The gutter-bound guitar tones and harsh textures are certainly part of the puzzle, but in the end, sludge is a state of mind.

Regarding "Piece of Meat", the band comments:

This song is inspired by "Conspiracy Against the Human Race" by Thomas Ligotti. The concept behind the lyrics is that us humans are not so special, we're just a strange kind of defective monkeys and our defect is highly developed consciousness: a curse that forces us to give sense to our lives to find a purpose in our existence but that's just a trick played on us by our wrongly wired brain. There's no purpose in life, the only ones are to live and to die but we try to bend Nature and the Universe to our will instead of living in accordance with them because we are wrong creatures.

Musically we believe it represents an evolution in our songwriting, it's a bit more elaborate compared to our previous works. Chris unleashed the beast on double kick, me and Paolo tried to put more dynamics on the vocals and harshened our guitar and bass sounds to push it to the extreme. It is still Grime but with a new twist and we hope people like it.


Doom Sessions Vol. 3 releases February 26th, 2021 via Heavy Psych Sounds (Preorder: USA + EU).

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