Any article investigating the intersection of jazz and metal automatically has my interest, but when the subject is the incredibly talented Weasel Walter, drummer extraordinaire for The Flying Luttenbachers and Behold...The Arctopus, discussing the “expressionistic” and “abstract” guitar solos of Tom G. Warrior, and introducing Mayhem to avant garde trumpeter Peter Evans, my heart swells. Choice quotes include:

“...in 1988 when I heard Reign in Blood, I heard Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman’s solos and thought, ‘Ornette Coleman’ immediately. ‘This is like fucking Ornette Coleman.’”

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, those are kind of like classic-rock songs—gothic classic-rock songs with blast beats on them. If you can hear past the blast beats, it’s just like classic-rock songwriting with this sort of overt gothic/Wagnerian tinge.”

—Aaron Maltz

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