Amon Amarth

Photo by Greg Cristman


Talk about a piece I wish I’d written! Doug’s smart and introspective tone sometimes struck me as too formal, but in this article he uses it perfectly engaging the reader on metal’s most sacred tradition, the live show. Too often, the in-person on-the-ground side of metal is considered sacred in its beer-soaked vitality, but here we see a worthy criticism of what that says about bands for which the intensity of the concert experience does all the work.

Do I agree with everything in this article? Of course not, and that’s why I love it. One of the many things that makes Doug an exceptional writer is that he never deigns to buddy up to every reader and make you see things his way. He challenges you, which is what Invisible Oranges think pieces were made to do. Savor that outrage. Enjoy.

—Scab Casserole


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