Gimme Metal, the 24-hour metal radio channel, has unfortunately shut its doors (as part of the larger operation Gimme Radio closing). It's a bummer for sure: apart from letting Jon and I commandeer the airwaves a couple of times, the show regularly featured up-and-coming bands picking cool stuff for listeners to discover, a super-long-running 'The Obelisk Show' series from stoner/doom savant JJ Koczan, and lots of celebrity DJ sets too. As melodic death metal band Majesties noted in a recent podcast we did with them, Gimme Metal would go to pretty much any length to be able to play whatever their guest DJs wanted -- a thinly-veiled Spotify wrapper, this was not.

In a poignant post last month, CEO Tyler Lenane noted:

[...] Sadly, today, I’m writing to announce that we are pulling the plug on Gimme on April 29, 2023. Even though the music fans, artists, and much of the music industry love Gimme, and even though we proved that engaged communities could generate real money at a higher average revenue per user than other music platforms, we unfortunately find ourselves in an economic climate where we have been unable to raise the financing needed to support the streaming services and grow Gimme to reach all music fans across all genres.

Before they fully go, they're looking to sell off some of their shop's inventory and are offering some big discounts in the process. You can check that out over here--lots of vinyl deals, if you're into that, and some other interesting oddities as well.


Gimme Metal Shop

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