Gojira have debuted another track and video from their upcoming new album Magma. The song is called "Silvera," and it seems like a continuation of the chorus-oriented, hooky direction that they showed with the very good lead single "Stranded". But the melodic nature of these songs doesn't require the band to sacrifice its bread and butter, which has always involved grooves that can go from absolutely crushing to spacey and ethereal at the drop of a hat.

And the video is also really cool (cooler than the last one). It's got a lot of faceless people and a dude with his face in a bowl of black slime and someone dancing covered in what appears to be flour. You know, all good things. Watch that below.

Magma drops on June 17 via Roadrunner. Gojira are also touring with Tesseract.

Watch the video for "Silvera" below.

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