The state of the world weighs heavily on us all, and clearly it weighs especially heavily on Finland's God Disease, who take their somber strain of death/doom metal to the doomiest possible extremes on their upcoming album Apocalyptic Doom. It's a classic case of "does what it says on the tin": for the most part, the record is melody-laced doom that's miserable and focused on our inevitable downfall. Not interested in elaborate gothic textures or reveling in filth, God Disease stays true to their doom roots with remarkable clarity, which makes their death metal side especially vicious when it manifests.

Today, we're premiering "Built by Dead Hands," which sees the band operating with their "death/doom" knob set at about 90% doom -- but I'll quit with the mathematics, because this track is heavily focused on emotion. Longing, regret, and bitter disappointment adorn the recurring motifs in the track, brought into painful clarity through anguished vocals and biting rhythm guitar.



The band comments:

This song must be the “radio hit” of the album. Or one of them. Like they would play Doom Metal on radios these days. Anyway, Built By Dead Hands was also the first song completed for the album and in its own way led the changing of our style into more melancholic and ever more doomy landscapes. "Built By Dead Hands" continues the theme set by the first single "Ashes".

Main idea of the song theme came to me while walking somewhat intoxicated on the streets of Helsinki during the night. I paid more closer attention to my surroundings and looked at the buildings a bit more closer and came to a realization that all this is built by people who are not here anymore. For us, who do not appreciate them enough and will most likely demolish them before too long. Our hands will build something to pass on to the future generations and like the hands of our fathers, our hands will die too.

The song has a double meaning as it is a clear metaphor for a relationship that was built on rotten soil and empty promises. It had no chance to begin with. We leave marks on each other that will affect our future relationships and usually not in a good way. Be it cities and homes or relationships and people, we were built by dead hands.

Apocalyptic Doom releases March 10th via Gruesome Records.

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