Considering the number of concerning "state of the music industry" conversations that have been happening in recent months and even years, a band and their fans' local scene is becoming more important than ever.

Portland's Gaytheist are one of many bands in their area that are taking this to heart as they are about to release their first new song since their split LP with Rabbits last year via PDX Pop Now!, a double disc compilation that highlights music by many respected artists in the Portland area. It can be pre-ordered HERE.

Called "On My Knees", the song is exclusively streaming below prior to the compilation's release this Friday and it is a swift yet minimalist rock 'n roll dust-up, clocking in at just over two minutes long.

"'On My Knees' was recorded when we did the Gay*Bits session (gaytheist + rabbits)," explained band member Jason Rivera. "It was much lighter and catcher than the rest of the material, so we set it aside. We had worked with PDX Pop Now! in 2014 and like what they are doing (free shows, charity work), so we submitted the song for this year's comp. We currently have no plans to release it elsewhere."

The band's upcoming west coast tour dates can also be found below and they will be opening for many great acts including Russian Circles, Helm's Alee, Red Fang and more.

—Kelly Kettering


Tour Dates:

June 11 Seattle @ Nuemos w/ Sandrider
June 17 Boise @ The Olympic w/ Helm's Alee
June 18 SLC @ Crucialfest w/ Russian Circles, Helm's Alee
June 22 Portland @ Doug Fir w/ Pack A.D.
June 25 Portland @ B-Side w/ Red Fang, Big Business, Rabbits


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