The world that Gavran's music creates is one of deep contemplation. On their upcoming album Indistinct Beacon, everything–from the imagination-sparking name to the inquisitive, expansive metal found within–is designed to kindle mental flames. The ultimate goal, then, is to turn thoughts inward, barricade the way out, and force listeners to face whatever they find within. Sonically blending sludge and doom with an inclination toward atmosphere over aggression, Indistinct Beacon blazes with an appropriately hazy light: earth-shattering riffs crash down upon sad stillness, wreathed in bleary fuzz tones that sound like the way it feels to wake up alone in the darkness. In the softer moments, the band employs lingering reverb and quiet overlapping vocals, mimicking the almost-silent chaos of a ruminating mind.

We're streaming "Dvorac" here, the album's lead single, which acts as an excellent cross-section of Gavran's sound: a study of contrasts that seeks to tap emotions from the driest of eyes. Loud, quiet, angry, regretful: a soundtrack for inner turmoil.



From the band:

The purpose of Gavran is to give meaning to our past, present and future. It gives us a way to release our doubts, despair and anger and search for the light at the end of the countless tunnels in our minds. It is a journey we still endeavor and probably will until our end of days. With Gavran we found a way to cope and unravel. It gave us a means to pursue true understanding.

Indistinct Beacon releases December 2nd via Dunk!records.

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