It’s easy to be skeptical of thrash metal in 2022 following decades of burnout, tired rehashes, and unfunny, energy-less hacks profaning the altar the classics set up in an uncool way. Poland has been a minor mecca for ancient necromantic steel in recent years, however, and youngsters Gallower understand that a certain fire is needed to make this stuff without it being a snoozefest; their new short-length Eastern Witchcraft is a pleasure of hard-hitting evil thrash the old way, unafraid to be truly ferocious despite a great ear for catchiness and memorability that is often lost when bands attempt a more relentless approach.

“Witchcraft” is a great word to toss into the name of the release, because storming witching metal is very much what’s happening on this killer new mLP. The vocals drop with a speed of delivery that’s almost more Walkyier than Angelripper despite the clear hints of Sodom in their sound, and melodic solos and unashamed hints of even older heavy and speed metal keep Gallower from falling into the same stale traps that similar bands so often stagnate in.

At only 16 minutes long this is a nice little treat both to sate a thirst for more Gallower in between albums and also just to dive into their sound for the uninitiated. Give it a listen and read the band’s thoughts on the release in the quote below:

After the debut album Behold the Realm of Darkness the time has finally come to release our new Mini LP Eastern Witchcraft Infused with thrashing speed mixed with dangerous doze of ancient black magic, this record brings old visions of blackened thrash. Eastern Witchcraft reaps your soul, the only salvation you may find in a prayer to the old Speed Metal Godz!



Eastern Witchcraft releases July 29th via Dying Victims Productions.

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