Frostmoon Eclipse

Italian black metallers Frostmoon Eclipse, whom I wrote about here, embark on their first US tour this Sunday. (See dates below.) The routing is frankly strange - scattered locales in the South and Midwest. This is probably due to their tourmates, Nashville's Chaos Moon and Ft. Lauderdale's Benighted in Sodom, whom I reviewed here and here. Dubbed the "Beauty, Darkness, Chaos Tour," the package should help shed light on these wonderfully idiosyncratic acts. Frostmoon Eclipse are like a black metal Opeth, interspersing electricity with moody acoustic guitar. Chaos Moon and Benighted in Sodom make lush, dreamy black metal - they're USBM's next great hopes. A split CD with these three bands will be sold on this tour.

Frostmoon Eclipse - Fury of the Elements
Chaos Moon - The Palterer
Benighted in Sodom - Paradigm Inumbrate (excerpt)

- Nov -
16 7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, MN (no Chaos Moon)
17 Metal Shakers - Chicago, IL (w/ Velnias)
20 The Borg Ward - Milwaukee, WI (w/Foetopsy, Half Gorilla)
21 Club 161 - Columbus, OH (w/ Velnias)
22 Little Hamilton - Nashville, TN (w/ Velnias)
23 Charlotte's Underground - Charlotte, NC (w/ Mysteriarch)
25 Radio-Active Records, Fort Lauderdale, FL
26 Swayze's - Marietta, GA (w/ Winds of Malice)