As we mentioned last week, Invisible Oranges will not post new material today, Monday, January 2, 2012. Starting tomorrow, we will return to our regular publishing schedule. We've got a lot of cool stories, new features and columns planned for 2012. In the meantime, we've assembled some links below -- we encourage you to check them out, to look back at some of our favorite stories published on Invisible Oranges in 2011.* We also invite you to share in the comments some of the albums and shows you're most anticipating in 2012. Most importantly: We hope you had a happy new year!

Cosmo Lee on "What Makes a Good Song"

Justin M. Norton on "Why Ghost Matters"

Doug Moore on the "Top 5 Advantages of Digital Music"

Richard Street-Jammer on serious (not silly) power metal

Alee Karim on Loutallica's Lulu

Mike Nelson on Mournful Congregation's The Book of Kings

Carmelo Espanola interviews album-cover artists Putrid and XNA

Cosmo Lee on "Taking Non-metalheads to Metal Shows"

Krallice's Nick McMaster on sharing a stage with Urfaust

Doug Moore on "The Hellhammer Beat"

Justin M. Norton interviews Amebix' Rob Miller

Joseph Schafer interviews Neige of Alcest, Lantlos, Old Silver Key and Peste Noire

Greg Majewski interviews Sculptured's Don Anderson

Mike Simpson interviews Chris Bruni of Profound Lore Records

Richard Street-Jammer on why Scion will never really matter to metalheads

Justin M. Norton on the 30th anniversary of Venom's Welcome to Hell

Encoffination's Ghoat on life as a mortician

Cosmo Lee on Metallica's first four albums

(*Dear IO contributors: There was absolutely no formula or metric used to determine the stories featured here, so if you wrote for Invisible Oranges in 2011 and your work is not included among these links, it's not because The Management doesn't like's because we completely forgot about you! No, no, haha, just kidding. It's because we don't like you.)