Raw beauty finds itself in symphony; raw power finds itself in melody. By that logic, Virginia duo Foretoken should have megazord levels of might and oodles of style to boot. It turns out, they do.

The band's debut release Ruin captures the essence of melodeath's yore without subscribing to any throwback casualties or lame attempts at sounding fresh through tried methods. Layering in swaths of symphonic elements and contracting the one and only Hannes Grossmann for drum duties, Foretoken have landed on a wicked formula of catchiness and edge-honing causticness that imbues their music with grit not often found in these smoother spaces.

We're stoked to premiere Ruin's penultimate song "His Rage Made Manifest" below. Inside, you'll find rolling beats, plenty of groove and hooks to keep your mind in line, and the slightest blackened tinge for good measure. The album's other songs offer enough diversity to be distinct from this one, but still nestle into a sensible flow -- for a debut, this is one hell of a strong release, especially touching on subgenres often thought stale or otherwise worn out.



Ruin releases September 4th, 2020 via Prosthetic Records.
A note from the band:

This song is one of the heavier ones on the album. We wanted the track to really kick your teeth in from the beginning. From a lyrical standpoint, the song is about one of the prominent characters from the Indian epic poem, The Mahabharata. The story of Ashwathama is one of consequences, pain, and redemption. One moment of unchecked aggression leads him to lifetimes of torment as atonement. Ashwathama's journey fit right in with theme of Ruin which was pain and suffering, and whether the characters could either rise above it or were buried by it.

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