Flesia's debut album Trost is, as I described it last year, a refreshingly direct affair: guitar, bass, drums, and vocals deliver pummeling black metal with a focus on instrumental annihilation versus crafting an aesthetic. Their new EP Essenz I follows the same path, but much like the trapped figure on its album art, finds the band in darker, dirtier waters than before. Their frills-free approach generates heavier and more bombastic songs - with an extremity venturing into death metal territory at times, guitar and bass combine into an excoriating, unstoppable wall. Delightfully visceral vocals and crisp drums then lend this undulating mass a semblance of structure and direction. Essenz I uses tempo changes as a crude bludgeon, hammering the high-powered barrage into the brain a notch or two deeper with every unexpected surge and lull.

On the whole, it's a bit of a surprise release, having been announced just days ago and likely to hit Bandcamp in a few hours, but this directness matches the album's blunt urgency. Though the album brims with an unseen malevolence, the band wastes no effort intentionally cultivating this or fashioning a narrative: through some twisted natural process, this is just meaner and more oppressive than ever.

Stream the EP below and look out for it making its way to Bandcamp soon.


The band comments:

New ideas were born right after the T R O S T LP release and found their way into these songs naturally. We visited the lovely Heartware Studios in late April of this year. F L E S I A got even darker and noisier, more metal is woven into and it feels like the right direction this mixture of bass, drums and vocals flows towards.

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