Progressive extreme metal upstarts Fernwah are rapidly Approaching Oblivion with the release of their full length debut on December 31. Ahead of its release, we're here with an exclusive premiere of a new track entitled “Amulet.” Strap yourself in and fasten your deep space helmet, because this song is a trip to the cosmos.



“Amulet” rocks with a major throwback to bluesy guitar and heavy synthesizers of yesteryear. This one still packs plenty of riff deviations and time signatures changes to compliment its soaring gospel keyboards in just under two minutes.

To recap, Fernwah is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Zakk Mild, who also shreds in death metal bands Oxalate and Come Mierda as of late, and drummer Peter Martin.

“Amulet is my attempt to wrestle with the musical demons of nostalgia influencing present work. I want to invoke a simultaneous feeling of anticipation and longing,” says guitarist and chief composer Zakk Mild. “Musically, it’s a Smashing Pumpkins Meets Van Halen meets Eric Johnson meets camel stew. I tried to keep the solos more tasty than shred, and Peter Martin’s drumming on this is particularly good. His snare work is something else.”

Earlier this year, Invisible Oranges premiered another Fernwah track featuring Devin Swank from Sanguisugabogg on vocals. “Amulet” is a drastically different song than the former, but then again, Fernwah demonstrates a versatile range of sonic influences on Approaching Oblivion, matching their music’s philosophical and literary inspirations.


Approaching Oblivion releases December 31st via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

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