Videos of young ladies doing what men normally do seem to get you guys riled up. (See here.) So here's another. This is "Meghan the Metal Queen". She is such a metal queen that while she shreds (nice string skipping!), her mother makes her bed - which looks like it's worth more than all my worldly possessions combined. Evidently the song she is covering is The Faceless' "Prison Born", which is new to me, and hopefully will remain that way forever.

But holy moly, do the kids love that song. On YouTube, they're covering it on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Actually, they're covering pretty much every technical death metal band on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. I kind of want these kids to get off YouTube and to form bands with actual people. But then they'll probably just form more technical death metal bands, which would just spawn even more YouTube videos, until YouTube becomes an incomprehensible mush of sweep picking and blastbeats. Remember when metal bands wrote songs?

Now that YouTube positively bursts with female shredding (do a search for "girl guitarist"), the novelty factor is disappearing. When a 12 year-old girl plays Van Halen's "Eruption" like it ain't no thang, it's clear that times have changed. When I was growing up, the only female shredders were Jennifer Batten and The Great Kat. (There was also jazz guitarist Leni Stern, but I wasn't that hip.) The CD's I had of both were awful. It seems that the shredder's tendency to emit streams of notes and not music is not gender-specific. Hopefully today's lightning-fingered kids will figure out how to use their powers for good.

— Cosmo Lee

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Thanks to Liz for the tip!

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