Will the apocalypse have riffs? Fell Ruin certainly seems to think so. While their upcoming album Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought doesn't concern itself lyrically with the world ending (or at least, going off of what little I can glean from their cryptic lyrics), the band's twisted mix of black, death, and doom metal still assails the senses like a planet set aflame: it veritably reeks of sulfur, and it's hard not to imagine a hazy shade of red while buffeted by acrid guitars and moody synths that issue forth. Whatever's going on in Fell Ruin's world, it's certainly not auspicious.

As ominous and inscrutable as Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought is, it's also extremely head-bangable, especially with the snappy, unpredictable drumming that drives the album forward and locks in its bouncy, if sinister, grooves. Fell Ruin's command of atmosphere on Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought is a key part of the album's bizarre allure, but so is the captivating songwriting that takes place within this crystallized, tortured madness.

Should any sort of apocalypse be in the cards, "Stain the Field," which we're premiering a cryptic video for below, is the turning point from prophecy to annihilation. Plodding forward with damned certainty, choruses of nihilistic screams join brutish guitar riffs in accompanying drummer August Krueger's hellish march. Though a slower, more ambient midsection helps reduce the intensity somewhat, "Stain the Field" proceeds with a sense of inevitability–fortunately, it's a procession that one can't help but follow.



The band explains (sort of) "Stain the Field" below:

In might supreme, this decor of ash. This is the coming of the great undone. Bountiful catch reforming mirrors.
Stain the field. Recite... fertility in dirt the theatre is eager to host. Seeds to the golden nocturne. Just as it reaps it's been sewn.


Cast in Oil the Dressed Wrought releases November 11th via Tartarus Records.

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