As Baton Rouge band Barghest made the slow transition from the desperate black metal found on their demos and first full-length to the blackened death metal found on 2020's Altars of Rot, a fire was lit within guitarist/vocalist Dallas Smith–a desire to create something even more brutal and aggressive than his long-standing band could create. Enter Faustian–paired with fellow Barghest bandmates Max Kimmons and Troy Bennett, Faustian's self-titled debut EP delves even further into death metal's brawn and guitar acrobatics than Barghest's more bestial approach would ever allow. Though brief, Faustian is dense, relying on sophisticatedly interlocked riffs and blasting intensity to express a deeper discontent and rage. Faustian has arrived, and a full-length is hopefully in tow–listen to their debut EP in full below.


Faustian releases October 28th on Black Lion Records.

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