Yes, that is a band name, one so ridiculous that it crosses into "impossible to search on Encyclopaedia Metallum" status, but they have been kind to us and colloquially shortened it to something a little more digestible: Eximperitus. That being said, the lengthier name seems to do a band so outrageous a little more justice.

This Belorussian death metal act takes a riff base we might hear from the modern Florida school and turns it on its head. Blast beats and non-Western melodies are king here, sprinting forth hand in hand as they pummel each listener, but it still feels familiar enough to be comforting in that special sort of "wow, this is extremely brutal death metal" sort of way. Eximperitus' take on a classic style has its own distinct personality here, playing a high wire act over death metal cruelty and ambitious atmospheres not often ascribed to something so brutal and ridiculous in scope. Listen to an advance release of Eximperitus' debut album Šahrartu below and try your hardest to say the band name out loud without pausing. The difficulty works in their music's favor.



Šahrartu releases January 29th on Willowtip Records.

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