One of the chief objections that underground metal folk raise against corporate sponsorship involves the aesthetic demands that corporations tend to levy on their beneficiaries. Corporations, the argument goes, prefer round edges and straight lines. Messiness and ugliness are verboten. So is offensive imagery. Smooth accessibility is king.

The Scion AV-sponsored music video for The Secret's “Seven Billion Graves” defies this expectation, though. It's grimy and lo-fi; more so, perhaps, than the music itself. There's no story, no band members, and indeed, no humans present. Cameras roam the remains of dead civilizations or skitter over broken terrain. All is rendered in greys and blacks. It's a grim vision, and a fair aesthetic match for The Secret's stark metalcore. No rounded edges or straight lines here.

The Secret - “Seven Billion Graves”

- Doug Moore


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