Kvelertak's Meir (due out March 26th) is just the kind of metal album we need in 2013; their party methods don't stretch all the way to the Municipal Waste-inspired hemisphere of vomiting pizza and skunked beer yet it knows when to pause for a Pelican-like moment of introspection. Similar to Kvelertak's abilities to combine these elements to create one hell of a heavy record, director Fredrik Hana combined all of his favorite horror film tropes in Kvelertak's newest video for "Månelyst", which you can see here for the first time.

"I wanted to make a video that didn't have any repetitious elements," said Hana. "I wanted to get as far away as
possible from the kind of videos that has two, maybe three unique elements on constant circulation.
Also, I totally dig horror films, always have, so I wanted to make something that showed my
unconditional love for the genre. Working with this particular band just makes me want to go all the way."

Watch the video below:

— Kelly Kettering