Hessian, photo by Stefaan Temmerman


Belgium is known for a litany of hardcore favorites as of late, a trend that continues with the release of the new LP from Hessian. The band's latest entry to Southern Lord's crusty hardcore onslaught is Mánégarmr, due on April 30th.

Hessian borrows metal's influence and darkness for their style of hardcore but unlike related band Amenra, the band skips the slow build/pummel for a molotov cocktail of black metal, grind and d-beat. Check out the new track "Plague Monger" available below for the first time below and look for the new LP soon. In addition to the (significant) pummel, the directional shifts alone make Mánégarmr a worthy listen.

Check out the new track, along with their contribution to a split with Amenra.

— Fred Pessaro


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