KEN Mode is no fly-by-night operation; the spazzy noise-core band from north-of-the-border has been kicking around for more than a dozen years. Releases on the now defunct Escape Artist, eating shit on tours promoting self-released efforts, and DIY DIY DIY has been the name of the game for the brothers Matthewson, but that's what makes the band's ascension so sweet. And another reason why Entrench is so triumphant.

The addition of bassist Andrew LaCour, formerly the primary creative force behind Floridians Khann, has been a positive one, with the bassist contributing writing duties to the Matt Bayles-produced LP. Today the band have released another new track, "Secret Vasectomy". Guitarist/frontman Jesse Matthewson (who we interviewed earlier this month) describes it as such:

"Secret Vasectomy" was one of the first songs we put together during the Entrench writing sessions, but more particularly it was the first that we truly collaborated on with Andrew, as the other three songs we finished in that first get-together were largely made up of riffs that I'd constructed going into the session. To me, it's a punk song; a nasty, nasty punk song. Lyrically speaking, I'm sure everyone can relate to the situation of needing to produce, yet feeling utterly uninspired to write anything of any perceived value whatsoever; this is the tipping point. When you refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room as a muse and instead you slump in your chair and shoot blanks.

Check out 'Secret Vasectomy" as well as a collection of other KEN Mode tracks from Entrench below, and look for them to explode on a stage near you.

— Fred Pessaro


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