Advance notice: Denver's Abrams are almost outside of what I consider the Invisible Oranges wheelhouse. Their mix of math rock and post hardcore, filtered through big Melvins-esque guitar rigs is most definitely extreme music, but I'm not so sure it's metal. What it is, however, is good—a bridge between obtuse art rock the the middle American blues rock tradition.

More than a handful of bands have tried their hand at making this precise sound. Every Time I Die gave it a good stab but wound up at Baroness with breakdowns. These Arms are Snakes (every Pacific Northwest post-hardcore band after Harkonen, really)? Same deal. Abrams find the sweet spot on their independent debut, Lust. Love. Loss. about midway between Hot Snakes and Blood Mountain-era Mastodon, and toss in some great lyrics as well.

"Manic," the first song on that album, serve as as a good primer, even if in my opinion the record offers greater cuts as it progresses. For the first half it could be instrumental, all obtuse and pleasant enough, then the vocals kick in, Abrams downshifts, and things get all Ben Grimm.

—Joseph Schafer



Lust. Love. Loss. drops on June 16 and is self-released. Follow Abrams on Facebook. The band is hitting the road as well, all upcoming dates below.

June 18 - Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern

June 19 - Santa Fe, NM @ The Dave Cave

June 20 - Austin, TX @ The Lost Well

June 23 - Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom

June 24 - Nashville, TN @ Turn One

June 25 - Lexington, KY @ Best Friend's Bar

June 27 - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave

June 28 - Norfolk, VA @ Pancho n' Luigi's

June 29 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

June 30 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

July 1 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's Pub

July 2 - Albany, NY @ The Treehouse

July 3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron

July 4 - Rochester, NY @ Flour City Station

July 5 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose

July 6 - Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar

July 7 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Cocoon

July 8 - Madison, WI @ The Vault

July 9 - St Paul, MN @ Big V's


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