Crust as a genre is aging well. What was at its onset a nice genre among niche genres--a profoundly British one--has grown into a cornerstone of extreme music. It's the tripartite intersection between metal, punk and hardcore which ignores oceans and borders.

Case in point, Portugal's Simbiose. The group's sixth and latest album, Trapped features lyrics sung in Portuguese and English, which on the surface may evoke another crossover success from Brazil (It's better than every Cavalera Conspiracy album, by the way). Musically, however, the record evokes Disfear, a pack of Swedes who tried their damndest to sound like a pack of Brits. England also gave the world grindcore, and there's a fair deal fo that genre's love of brevity and filthy distortion on display here as well. Still speaking of Union Jack, guitarist Bri Doom from UK crust godfathers Doom lends some cred to the album via a ripping solo on track four, “Deixós Falar.”

In DIY fashion, the band recorded the album themselves in the familiarity of their rehearsal room "We wanted a more clean sound, but still retain the power and intensity of our playing so we couldn’t be happier with the end results," said vocalist Jonhie, though I'm not hearing much cleanliness on display. "Plus we had total control of our sound and that’s very important for us as band." Guitarist Nuno Rua mixed and mastered the record as well.

Now that I've traversed a few oceans, channels and language barriers while failing to describe Trapped, I'll settle on just calling it a pummeling slice of white-hot crust, hence this exclusive full album stream. Trapped, which drops on March 15 via Anticorpos Records in collaboration with Criminal Attack Records, Deviance Records, Apathy Never, Punk Vortex, Tanker Records and Neanderthal Stench. Phew. Pre-order Trapped HERE, and head below to stream the album in full in advance of its March 16th release.

—Joseph Schafer


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