I sat and thought about the band name Entropy Created Consciousness for a long time. It makes a lot of sense -- human consciousness, at least as we know it, is a byproduct of time and, well, entropy (entropy, of course, being the universe's gradual decline into disorder). We exist because the universe is dying, and it is quite the thought to have during such a tumultuous, strange time.

Entropy Created Consciousness sounds like this duality, the birth of life through a greater death. The cosmic black metal found within possesses a chaos, but is also lush and full of vigor. Throughout the brief sub-four-minute "Infamy of Crete," the anonymous artist behind this project (their email denotes them as "consciousness") creates vast swaths of sound which are intense and near-mechanical, but still thoughtful and human. Listen to an exclusive premiere of the single-edition of "Infamy of Crete" below.



Antica Memoria Di Dis releases October 23rd on the band's Bandcamp.

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