Hermetic black/funeral doom metal solo project Elysian Blaze re-emerged from a six year-long slumber earlier today with the release of a new standalone song, "The Virtue of Suffering." As expected, this is a truly stirring, Homeric piece, navigating the depths of sorrow and cataclysmic atmosphere. In the wake of 2012's Blood Geometry, multi-instrumentalist Mutatis entered a self-imposed exile, slowly writing, re-assessing, and transforming his music into a new beast entirely. "The Virtue of Suffering" is crystalline, beautiful, devastating -- a new form for the shape-shifting embodiment of cavernous, Australian sorrow.

From the artist:

The return.

Elysian Blaze presents a brand new, stand-alone track entitled "The Virtue of Suffering".

"The Virtue of Suffering" serves as a vehicle of re-emergence after years of silence.

"Light the way O Spirit,
through Endless night.
Light the way back Morning Star,
lead us beyond the light."

*NOTE: To be clear, after years of unsuccessfully trying to record the follow up album to Blood Geometry, I decided to focus my energies on recording and releasing a single track. As you may be aware, the material for the next full length album has been written for quite a few years now; I just need to record it. So instead of starting and re-starting the recording process with nothing to show for it, creating a single track has allowed me to finally share new music with you all. In this period of silence I've had to re-assess the ways in which I create and manifest the multiverse of Elysian Blaze. Being able to finally share new music is energising and strengthening. The prospect of recording a new album doesn't seem so daunting now, and my focus is now on finally completing that goal. Thank you for your patience.

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