The latest batch of Electric Wizard's sex appeal has finally come after an elongated two years - but expect a slight change of wardrobe. This time, Liz Buckingham's riffs blaze like fire rather than fade out like waves, and the songs are catchier. Electric Wizard still rely on dark rhythms and occult obsessions on this seventh full-length. But bluesy undertones and standard song structures counteract the hallucinogenic pulse prevalent on the acclaimed Dopethrone and Come My Fanatics... However, those underrated qualities make this record stick. Electric Wizard aren't just for stoners now.

"Black Mass", "Venus in Furs", and "Turn Off Your Mind" rely on smooth choruses and repetition that catch in your head. Riffs gallop and choruses dance in "The Nightchild", "Patterns of Evil", and "Turn Off Your Mind. Even the slow "Satyr IX", an extension from the longwinded Witchcult Today, strips away Electric Wizard's usual smoky haze. Guitars and drums drive up front, while Jus Oborn's vocals linger in the foreground.

The witchcraft and drugs are easily felt, smelt, and heard throughout Black Masses (Rise Above, 2010), and Electric Wizard still rip some of the best low tones today. Just don't expect those trippy moments to be so gratuitous.

— Jess Blumensheid

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Kiss My Black Masses

"The Nightchild" (excerpt)

"Satyr IX" (excerpt)

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