Paris' answer to Eyehategod, Eibon have a new promo CD out. Its two massive tracks total 22 and a half minutes in length. Eibon hammer riffs into the ground with the best of 'em, yet shape them into surprisingly graceful journeys. "Asleep and Threatening" is the more aggressive offering, and is audible on Eibon's MySpace. It drops from sludge into a hole of doom, then climbs back out with rough-and-tumble percussion before alighting on moody Tool-isms.

"Staring at the Abyss" is even more patient, settling into a hypnotic three-note theme. It then traverses a wide variety of feels, including candlelit pyschedelia, a lumbering shuffle, and luminous, tremolo-picked drones. Dig those runs at 7:40 that sprout up out of the dirt like small plants. The recording is perfectly earthy, highlighting tasty drumming by Jerome Lachaud. Last year, Eibon put out a solid split on Bones Brigade with fellow French sludge metallers Hangman's Chair. I reviewed it here; it's available at Bones Brigade, Hellride Music, and Relapse. Someone sign this band!

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