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Dressed in Streams has been refining their sprawling, synth-laced black metal since their 2012 self-titled release on Colloquial Sound Recordings, a three-track demo that’s going to see a re-release this summer on CD on Handmade Birds. My pick off that album, the stomping “Sleeping Foxes”, was rich in exotic grandeur and established the tone for something rather unique: India-centric black metal, straight out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One demo and compilation contribution removed from the debut self-titled, The Search for Blood has upped the aggression--at least on the first song, “No Atonement”, a full-on ripper with good low-end as well as Dressed in Streams’ now-signature frantic riffing. The second track, “History Vanishes”, is a thing of beauty that mournfully wanders synth-blasted valleys, achieves great heights, and falls back down again. I can’t help but see these songs as a strong step forward for Dressed in Streams, a move towards something even grander.

— Wyatt Marshall

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The Search For Blood will be available for purchase at Colloquial Sound Recordings some time later today, either as a tape limited to 99 copies or a digital download. Listen below.

Track listing:
1. No Atonement (10:40)
2. History Vanishes (10:15)

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